Dear Parents,


For the school to reach its goal of excellence, the student excellence academically and socially must be achieved. For the students to truly learn and excel freely and independently, collective and constructive cooperation among students, parents, teachers and school management must be energetic and well. This is at the heart of the volunteering spirit shared by members of Parent Council. It is in this spirit that we are asking for your time and energy.

The parent council has been active over the past year but there are so much left to do to safeguard and guarantee the quality learning environment for our children. This year the Council has formed the Education Committee where the triangle cooperation of students, teachers, and parents will be at its most efficient.

You are kindly invited to join the Parents Council – Education Committee working towards improvement of IPS for our children. Herein, we shall discuss about issues affecting students, teachers and the school.

2-3 Parents will be recruited from each class level and requested to join the education committee for the benefit of our students, parents, teachers and the school as a whole.

If more than 3 parents have volunteered for one specific class level, then it is based on first come first serve basis.

There would be tentatively once a month meeting, unless we have some urgent issues which need immediate attention.

Thank you for your kind support.