Date :October 8th, 2014
Time : 8 -10 am
Venue : IPS Campus
Participants : 13 parents and 2 IPS representatives


1st Parent Council Meeting held for 2014/2015 academic year.

a).  New working committee was nominated and elected as follows:

  • Khun Promvit Klampaiboon – Chairperson
  • Khun Onsiri Kosavithidkul - Secretary 
  • Khun Anita Abrol - Secretary

b). Role of Parent Council has been distributed to the attending parents who will form the Executive Committee for this academic year.

c). It was agreed that PCIPS to have a complete representative parent/s from each class to assist with any issues or suggestions to be worked on. Representatives, those still lacking, will be called upon to volunteer.

d). It was resolved that issues that has to be carried and worked on a continuous basis will be brought forward for this academic year.

e). It was also agreed to set up working sub-committees to be fully discussed on why, how and who at next meeting and be responsible for different issues.

Issues to be worked upon

How to Improve Teaching and Learning further.

Parking Management and handling includes Traffic Management

Activities-including Parents outing - Car Rally and other Parenting activities supporting the school and students.

It was proposed to include Teacher’s Profile on School Website

Status of school Accreditation- Going to be visited by WASC member.

More Communication between the school and parent council members

Students survey covering specific areas and issues.

Upcoming Events & Activities

-November- International Cultural Day

Next IPS Parents Council meeting is scheduled on Tuesday November 11, 2014 at same time 8:00am - 9: 00am approximately.
You can send email at and, if you would like to join the PCIPS but have not time to attend the meetings but want to receive the updates we can put you on our mailing list for your update.
Let us share and act for the benefit of our children.