New House Captains Elected

School House Captains, elected fairly by their fellow students, lead their members to victory in a battlefield called sport, in any way possible. Their decisions could deliver success or bring about defeat. It is one filled with many challenges, but with it holds honor and pride to oneself.

Until recently, the school held an election on deciding a new captain for each house, and as expected, those picked held the potential to become a leader. I’m sure the newly elected leaders have introduced themselves during assembly. But you want to know how they’ll run your house and what to expect from them, don’t you? Well you’re in luck! Because we, The Pioneers, have gone out to interview these “elusive” masters of the house and got some details on what to hope from them and tell a bit more about themselves.

From the Arctic Blue House:

Captain: Su Thinzar Kyaw. A.K.A Pinky
“Getting everyone’s head together and work hand-in-hand is my main goal. Teamwork. The word ‘House captain’ is pretty overrated and just a label. Whatever the results, win or lose, we do it as a team”

From the Fiery Red House:

Captain: Patikorn Trethasayuth. A.K.A Gun(t)
“I will give a chance for everyone to participate. I will pay more attention on sending my skillful players and you can expect sportsmanship from the Red House and winning doesn’t only matter.”

From the Lavish Green House:

Captain: Samad Kothari. A.K.A Samad
“I tend to run the House in a rather strict and casual way and cooperate as a team to fully use our skills efficiently to become successful.”

From the Spirited Yellow House:

Captain: Wongsakorn Ngamwillai. A.K.A Mon
“I will lead the yellow house in a well-organized manner. I will make sure everyone can participate and won’t tolerate members slacking and in the coming events, you’ll see what the Yellow House is capable of.”

Now isn’t that interesting? They may not tell us more about them, but they make up for it by their dedication and skills to guide each of their respective Houses into victory! That’s all we have you folks! Tune in for the next feature article!