On 17 November 2015, the IPS KS2 students went to a field trip to Thai Organic Farm in Ratchaburi province.

The objective of this field trip was for the students to appreciate their environment and natural surroundings as well as to provide opportunities for students to be independent and exercise self-discipline.

At the organic farm, the students participated in a lot of fun activities: they cooked some eggs and made an organic honey drink; they learnt about planting processes such as preparing soil and getting some compost fertilizers from dried plants and animal dung. They mixed them together which were then ready for planting; students had fun planting seedlings using top soil.

After some activities, the students had lunch prepared by the organic farm staff; it was an organic lunch buffet. All the food served was organic such as pumpkin soup, fried chicken, green curry, vegetables with sauce and much more.

Moreover, before finally leaving the farm, the students had the chance to go shopping at the small store of the farm. There, many students bought traditional toys such as slings and kites. Many also bought organic products such as fruit jams and juices. Others also bought shirts and caps that had the Thai organic farm logo on them with fun designs.

After the field trip to the Thai Organic Farm, many ideas were shared by the students.

Tushita from Year 6A said, “I have learnt a lot at the farm and what I liked most was the egg cooking and the drink making.”

Matchima, another Year 6A student shared, “I got a lot of information at the farm especially the preparation of the soil for planting and the process of planting seedlings in soil contained in a leaf with a twig handle.”

Overall, the students acquired more knowledge about the world around them, and they learnt some of the processes required to grow food.