The school’s mission is to encourage and inspire every child in our care to become pioneers, to launch themselves on a journey of discovery, into their own being and the universe they are a part of, thus raising self-awareness, and nurturing a love of learning and knowledge that will benefit the students for the rest of their lives.




  • To encourage and develop lively and enquiring young minds. With the ability to question and argue rationally and coherently in way appropriate to their age, level and ability.
  • To provide a balanced curriculum where academic, spiritual and social skills are enhanced and so contribute to the development of a well-rounded personality.
  • To help children acquire knowledge and skills relevant to life in a fast changing world.
  • To develop an awareness in each child of their own sense of unique worth as well as to appreciate the value of that same worth in others.
  • To develop and implement an equal opportunities policy.
  • To encourage co-operation, sensitivity, and an appreciation for the diversity of races, religions and ways of life that exist, engendering in every child a tolerance, understanding and deep respect for all.
  • In effect, IPS aims to pioneer an education for our children which promotes and delivers both innovation as well as quality. We seek with our children to explore the skills, attitudes and moral issues that make up every day life. These are developed in such a way as to encourage our children to become fully responsible, mature and active members of society, capable of achieving as much independence as possible, with an ability to take decisions for them.


The best way to experience our school is to visit us, so please let us know your availability and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

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